BEAUTY buys: EYE gel

I've been on a BEAUTY buys roll these past few weeks, and I have another awesome skincare product that I recently tried and loved - so I thought I'd share the wealth. This eye gel is a bit different than the eye cream I reviewed a few weeks ago, but is definitely equally great. OZ Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel is another product aimed towards decreasing your dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around your eye area, but what makes this really stand out is that it's a gel, not a cream - which I love. I have an obsession with anything that is cooling, so gel is always my preferred skincare base. 

Since I use my other eye cream in the morning, I decided to use this one at night (although a lot of the reviews online say that it's great under makeup too - so you could do either or), and I have to say after a month of use, my eyes are SO much brighter looking. My dark circles have retreated almost entirely since I started using this product (even with the occasional late night out), and the price is on-point (less than $20!). It's also become one of my favorite nighttime rituals - since it's so refreshing and perfect to put on right before bed. 

LASH love

If you have ever seen any pics of me, or better yet know me in real life, you know I always (always!) wear eyeliner. Not necessarily because I always want to (even though I have it down to about 30 seconds an eye these days), but more because I always felt I had to, since I have very light features. I'm not saying I'm going to die without eyeliner, I just look kind of tired and washed out without that bit of contrast. I have heard about lash extensions a lot this past year, but never thought that they would make that much of a difference on me, since I always wore eyeliner anyway. But when Lashbee reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying a full set, I couldn't resist and immediately scheduled an appointment for the following weekend. 

And let me tell you, I was a bit skeptical at first (things near my eye scare the crap out of me), but when I went to their launch party the Thursday before my appointment and saw how amazing they looked on some of the attendees, I was convinced I would become a fan.

I was right. I am obsessed.

I opted to get the Queen Bee, since I like a little drama, which is one up from their signature Lash Bee (the difference between my Queen Bee and Lash Bee is that I had faux mink lashes applied with a little extra thickness). From start to finish, the entire experience was really pleasant. It's not scary at all (seriously, I thought it would be a little scary since it involves eyes, but I swear, it's actually really relaxing). It does take a little while - depending on how many eyelashes you have (fun fact: I have 143 on each eye) - but it's actually really nice to just lay there and not have to worry about doing anything (not something I'm usually very good at). It doesn't hurt that the space is super cute too - with bright pillows, great lighting, and relaxing music. 

The results were amazing. Not only did my lashes look full-on glamorous, I looked wide-awake and bright eyed - without the use of any eye makeup (below left image). Even with the use of my normal eye makeup (below right image), my eyes were so much wider and dramatic - and the only thing I used was eyeliner on the top and a bit smudged under the bottom lashes. Seriously, I'm never using mascara again. 

The best part is they last a while (they will fall out with your regular lashes), and you never have to go and get the whole thing done again - you just have to go once every 3-4 weeks for a quick touch up to keep them nice and fluffy. 

So all in all, I have to say I was super impressed - from the results (as you can see), to the full experience. Erin and Anjali (the owners) were super sweet and very professional - giving me play-by-plays of exactly what the experience would be like - and Erin did a fantastic job on my lashes. They certainly made a believer out of me!

P.S. thinking about trying them? You can book here (consultation is always free!), and if you mention you were referred by me, you'll get $10 off your set!

BANANA republic picks

When I was little I remember thinking Banana Republic was the coolest place to shop - everything was leather (it was the 90's, after all) and expensive (hey, I was in elementary school - anything over five bucks was a lot). When I got to the age where Banana Republic was a frequent stop on my list (right after college when I needed things other than jeans and tanks to wear to work), I remember thinking, man, didn't this used to be cooler? There wasn't nearly as much leather, and the once "hip" store wasn't full of grunge-era baristas buying all black outfits anymore. In place of 90's hipsters was middle-aged women buying tweed pantsuits. Not high on my list of cool things. So for a long while I took a break from the store, deeming it too "professional" for me (jeans will forever be my favorite uniform, after all). 

Until now. Banana Republic has switched gears and stepped up their fashion game, ten fold. And man, they are KILLING it. Here are my favorite things they're repping right now (most of which I just scooped up at their huge additional 40% off sale):

{ click image to enlarge photo }

Hallo Hei Hello Graphic Tee - Love the simple chicness of this muscle tank. 

Faux-Leather Trim Pullover - Oversized sweater + leather? Perfect in my book. 

Striped Dolman-Sleeve Shirttail Tee - Stripes. Need I say more?

Glasses Intarsia Pullover - Such an adorable print!

Mixed-Media Shirttail Pullover - I'm still drooling over the short sweater vest/long white shirt combo a la Clueless's Cher Horowitz. This is a great updated version.

Fringe Leather Moto Jacket - Fringe. Cropped. Leather. Perfection.

Faux-Leather Cocoon Dress - The little leather skirt detail is fantastic on this. Comfy and stylish is the way to go.

Soft-Wash Burgundy Plaid Boyfriend Shirt -Good ol' fashion plaid never goes out of style.

Heritage Striped Tunic Dress - Love the simplicity of the shape and stripes. 

P.S. I also got a women's version of this, but it's apparently sold out now, so I'm linking to the very stylish men's version!