A bit about me: I'm a Philly-based Marketing Manager + Graphic Designer with over 11 years experience working in both the corporate and creative world. I have a passion for design, and am lucky enough to dabble in both strategic and creative marketing on a day-to-day basis. My current tasks focus around branding, design, creative direction, sponsorship management, event and trade show execution, and social media management.

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On a more personal note, I’m into most things art-y, neon typography, wearing all black, rearranging my furniture weekly, weekend road trips, Larry David, librarian glasses… let me just start a list at this point…

  • Music (100% Spotify addict)

  • Graphic design, interior design, design design

  • Art museums/exhibits/installations/everything

  • Traveling. Everywhere. Right now. Let's go.

  • Philadelphia (and everything this amazing city has to offer)

  • A-frame cabins that are oddly modern and sleek

  • Street art, sidewalk art, art art

  • Olive + Sebastien (my pups)