Maybe the problem in the end after all these mad years searching for the right place, the right woman, is that I am the real problem, a sickness for which there is no cure in sight.
— Sluto

Sluto is one of my favorite street artists that remains very under-the-radar, as he essentially rides a freight train from place to place, and doesn't have an official spot to call home. A somewhat admirable lifestyle for those who get tired of the same shit different day approach, but also a little bit extreme. He has three of his sidewalk scripts in Fishtown that I pass on a daily basis (the "nothing's changed/everything's changed" being my all-time favorite sidewalk anything), and when I stumbled upon this one in Brooklyn this weekend, I went down the rabbit hole trying to find out as much as I could about him. Well, to much disappointment, there's not much out there (seemingly on purpose), but the interview that I did find proved to be enough, as the above referenced quote has just now become maybe one of my top five favorite quotes ever. If there was ever a quote to really sum up what goes on in my fairly-twisted head, this might be the perfect one. But ultimately, everyone is their own worst enemy, you just have to admit it. Either way, if you ever stumble across some white cursive paint on the sidewalk with an undoubtedly thought-provoking statement, it's probably a Sluto. 

MUSIC moods

It's been a minute since I've added any new music playlists to my blog (or pretty much anything in general), so coming in hot is my summer jams...conveniently halfway through the season. Womp womp.

I've been on a Childish Gambino kick lately, so there's a lot of him in there (also, side note, he is my future husband), but it's a pretty decent mix of hip hop and indie, with maybe one terrible, terrible pop song in it (I'll let you find that may or may not rhyme with Med Shmeeran). 

Happy listening.

Oh Hello

So it's been almost a year since I updated my blog - sorry - but I'm back at it. I've been really missing the design/art/music scene, so I'm gonna be bulking up the site with more of that along the way. Music and art makes the world go 'round, after all. Or something like that. 

Anyway, just a bunch of interwebs inspiration I've been collecting below. Will be doing a bit of a rebrand in the near future, but for now, enjoy other people's work that I will post (mostly from that magic site called Pinterest). 

ART love

My newest collection of art inspiration coming at ya.

I've been pretty much digging any and all collage-based art lately - especially the ones that mix pop art and illustration. Tyler Spangler's work has been a recent obsession, as is Ashley Edwards (both I just happened to stumble upon on Pinterest - who would've guessed...). Unless noted below, images found via Pinterest.

MUSIC moods

I'm a huge music lover - you'll rarely ever walk into my office or see me strolling the street without my headphones on and my speakers up. Spotify is definitely my favorite boo. It's pretty much on from the second I wake up well into all hours of the night. Since I am so reliant on music to do almost everything (literally), I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite playlists for the many moods of Mere. First up, my slow jams (or as I refer to it: Sexy Sunday Jams).

This is the perfect Sunday morning playlist - although I listen to it almost every day at some point. If you dig Cat Power, The Growlers, Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, Van Morrison, and M.Ward (to name a few), you'll probably dig this playlist

ART love

So. I'm back.

Slowly heading into a somewhat-normal schedule again. July flew by without a single weekend to myself (not that I'm complaining - it was the best July ever - but I cannot wait to actually spend a full weekend in my apartment getting stuff done), and now early-August is entering mid-August, and I'm ready to get things back in order. Or just in order ("back" is probably not needed here).

I've been on a serious art streak lately (not that I'm ever not on an art streak - I pretty much live it - but you know..) and have been trying to get my desk/creative space and art supplies organized to get back on track with my hand-lettering and watercolor endeavors (more on that later). 

Looking forward to trying out all sorts of mixed media things this month, but here's a look into some of the art I've been admiring lately (general theme: everything)

Note: some of these are from Pinterest and are untitled/anonymous, but here a few links to the ones that are from external sources: kissing couplewoman undressingballoon tomatoespink/yellow mirror art, dripping faces portrait, Pantone art, land art.

WEEKLY inspirations

These weeks have been flying by lately, but I think it's safe to say spring is officially here. Philly has been a mix of super awesome weather (70 and sunny), and super crappy weather (cold and rainy) - but it hasn't snowed lately, so I'll take those odds any day. This week is pretty jam-packed with social and work events (no complaints here), so I'm looking forward to a fast-paced productive week. 

What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • If you haven't already voted for HONEY (SNORT Rescue's blind foster pug) in the Tournament of Tails, do it NOW! That's the rescue I volunteer for, and adopted my Sebastien from!
  • All the spring colors.
  • Spring style is officially in play, and I ain't mad. 
  • Gonna plant some colorful succulents to adorn my windowsills this weekend. 
  • Just a really,really pretty geode. 
  • Loving the colorful collages from Tyler Spangler
  • If there was ever a bag made for me....
  • It's asparagus season! The most wonderful time of the year. I'm already stock piling new recipes for the occasion. 
  • I'm not a bug fan, but the composition of this tattoo is beautiful.
  • The most perfect patterned fabric ever.
  • A deliciously healthy recipe that even includes (gulp) kale.


I feel like the best street art always starts popping up right before summer. Everyone is bored of the cold, bitter winter, and the first hint of warm sunshine has the best of us running to walls and covering them with whatever awesome concept comes to mind first. Philly has an amazing amount of incredible artists crammed into one (albeit large) city, and I would be lying if I said that wasn't one of my favorite things about this dirty/beautiful/crazy/perfectly un-perfect city. Here's a few local artists/artworks that I've been loving as of late (seriously though - that #PhillytheBern mural is everything).

Old Broads - my god, when I first saw one of these pieces pop up in Northern Liberties a while back, I thought it was the best thing I've seen in years. "Geriatric Philly", as she calls it, is pretty much exactly what I imagine the Fishtown millennials looking like in 40 years - probably myself included {-_-}. Either way, it's a completely fresh and welcomed addition to the lonely Philly walls, and I'm loving it.

(images below via Old Broads)

Amberellaxo - I'm a big believer in the simpler the art, the better, and Amberella's work nails it. You can find her pieces hidden all over Philly (in fact I took a pic of her work last night at Tattooed Mom's here), and it's the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Her "Cat Call" series "stems from daily life encounters on the street as a woman. The Cat Calls are placed back in their original habitat and are made to be just as public and uncomfortable as actual cat calling." (via Paradigm), and her goth hearts give candy hearts a run for their money.

(images below via Amberellaxo)

#PhillytheBern (Old Broads x Disto) - like I mentioned above, this mural is everything. Color, concept, general freaking awesome factor - can we get this on every street corner? Of course, I am a Bernie supporter, so I love it a little more than say, a Trump supporter would (I heard there are actually people out there that do in fact support him - crazy, right?) - but politics aside, I think we can all agree that this is just a good piece of street art. 

(image below via Streets Dept)