Maybe the problem in the end after all these mad years searching for the right place, the right woman, is that I am the real problem, a sickness for which there is no cure in sight.
— Sluto

Sluto is one of my favorite street artists that remains very under-the-radar, as he essentially rides a freight train from place to place, and doesn't have an official spot to call home. A somewhat admirable lifestyle for those who get tired of the same shit different day approach, but also a little bit extreme. He has three of his sidewalk scripts in Fishtown that I pass on a daily basis (the "nothing's changed/everything's changed" being my all-time favorite sidewalk anything), and when I stumbled upon this one in Brooklyn this weekend, I went down the rabbit hole trying to find out as much as I could about him. Well, to much disappointment, there's not much out there (seemingly on purpose), but the interview that I did find proved to be enough, as the above referenced quote has just now become maybe one of my top five favorite quotes ever. If there was ever a quote to really sum up what goes on in my fairly-twisted head, this might be the perfect one. But ultimately, everyone is their own worst enemy, you just have to admit it. Either way, if you ever stumble across some white cursive paint on the sidewalk with an undoubtedly thought-provoking statement, it's probably a Sluto.