I feel like the best street art always starts popping up right before summer. Everyone is bored of the cold, bitter winter, and the first hint of warm sunshine has the best of us running to walls and covering them with whatever awesome concept comes to mind first. Philly has an amazing amount of incredible artists crammed into one (albeit large) city, and I would be lying if I said that wasn't one of my favorite things about this dirty/beautiful/crazy/perfectly un-perfect city. Here's a few local artists/artworks that I've been loving as of late (seriously though - that #PhillytheBern mural is everything).

Old Broads - my god, when I first saw one of these pieces pop up in Northern Liberties a while back, I thought it was the best thing I've seen in years. "Geriatric Philly", as she calls it, is pretty much exactly what I imagine the Fishtown millennials looking like in 40 years - probably myself included {-_-}. Either way, it's a completely fresh and welcomed addition to the lonely Philly walls, and I'm loving it.

(images below via Old Broads)

Amberellaxo - I'm a big believer in the simpler the art, the better, and Amberella's work nails it. You can find her pieces hidden all over Philly (in fact I took a pic of her work last night at Tattooed Mom's here), and it's the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Her "Cat Call" series "stems from daily life encounters on the street as a woman. The Cat Calls are placed back in their original habitat and are made to be just as public and uncomfortable as actual cat calling." (via Paradigm), and her goth hearts give candy hearts a run for their money.

(images below via Amberellaxo)

#PhillytheBern (Old Broads x Disto) - like I mentioned above, this mural is everything. Color, concept, general freaking awesome factor - can we get this on every street corner? Of course, I am a Bernie supporter, so I love it a little more than say, a Trump supporter would (I heard there are actually people out there that do in fact support him - crazy, right?) - but politics aside, I think we can all agree that this is just a good piece of street art. 

(image below via Streets Dept)