WEEKLY inspirations

Sorry for the long pause in posts - the last two weeks have been FILLED with lots of work, night events, and most importantly, beautiful weather! With days that are close to 70 degrees here in Philly, who can sit and focus at a computer? Not me - which is why this is a short and sweet post with some things I've been loving as of late.

So here's what I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • Seriously considering this haircut/color combo. LOVE IT.
  • Reorganizing my clothing rack this weekend. Hello spring clothes! 
  • I've been on an asian food kick lately (when am I not though?), and this rice and tofu recipe sounds amazing.
  • This awesome reusable/removable wallpaper in SO many different designs (I want them all!)
  • Cutest little cottage/guest house.
  • How gorgeous is that pink canyon? 
  • And also....how gorgeous is that pink couch? 
  • Obsessed with this yoga girl pattern - and all DesignComb's other patterns here
  • 70's style is back, and I'm not mad.
  • Super cool wall-mount skull bottle opener.
  • Simple and beautiful fern tattoo.
  • Love this LED heart light from Target.