WEEKLY inspirations

These weeks have been flying by lately, but I think it's safe to say spring is officially here. Philly has been a mix of super awesome weather (70 and sunny), and super crappy weather (cold and rainy) - but it hasn't snowed lately, so I'll take those odds any day. This week is pretty jam-packed with social and work events (no complaints here), so I'm looking forward to a fast-paced productive week. 

What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • If you haven't already voted for HONEY (SNORT Rescue's blind foster pug) in the Tournament of Tails, do it NOW! That's the rescue I volunteer for, and adopted my Sebastien from!
  • All the spring colors.
  • Spring style is officially in play, and I ain't mad. 
  • Gonna plant some colorful succulents to adorn my windowsills this weekend. 
  • Just a really,really pretty geode. 
  • Loving the colorful collages from Tyler Spangler
  • If there was ever a bag made for me....
  • It's asparagus season! The most wonderful time of the year. I'm already stock piling new recipes for the occasion. 
  • I'm not a bug fan, but the composition of this tattoo is beautiful.
  • The most perfect patterned fabric ever.
  • A deliciously healthy recipe that even includes (gulp) kale.