I started following this tattoo artist on Facebook a year or so ago. I can't remember exactly where I originally came across his work, but my god, it's amazing. Xoil, Needles Side TattOo, naturally, is located nowhere convenient to me - as in, France - so therefore I won't be able to get any new tattoos from him too soon (serious sad face), but it's certainly on my bucket list. Below are a few of my favorite pieces - although to tell you the truth, every single one of his pieces are absolutely incredible. Notably, one of his best features my favorite Hunter S. Thompson quote: Buy the ticket, take the ride. I've been saving that quote for a tattoo since I got my first one (which is a Banksy quote) circa age 21. Now - quite a few tattoos later - I'm thinking I need to book a trip back to France just to make my tattoo dreams come true. Between the typography, abstract lines, color splashes, and skulls - he might be my tattoo soulmate.

(images via Xoil, Needles Side TattOo)