RAD spaces

I've been on a total interior design binge lately, partially bc I just love home decor so much, and partially bc I'm moving and get a fresh chance to redecorate and recreate. This past weekend my boyfriend and I put up a few new shelves and set up my bar area, which totally got me excited to start painting, decorating, and transforming the whole place. I picked up a few of the Ikea Ribba picture ledges - which I have to say are amazing. Super easy to put up, and great for all my artwork (and man, I have a LOT of artwork). We'll also be putting this awesome wall covering up on one of the living room walls, since it's a weird tiny wall right smack in the middle of the room (this photo was my inspiration for that). Below are some of my home design inspirations via Pinterest. I'm really digging a lot of faux fur (rugs, pillows, throws, errything), repurposed wood panels, white walls, greenery, and simple furniture. A girl can dream :).