WEEKLY inspirations

This week has been a whirlwind of incredibly cold weather and still getting over some sickness from last week (with the added development of a cough and backache, which I am NOT digging whatsoever). Either way, this week flew by (woo!), and I'm really glad the weekend temperatures are predicted to be in the single-digits, because I love an excuse to burrow in a pile of blankets and catch up on Netflix and the ever-growing pile of home, food, and fashion magazines I have growing on my desk. 

Here's what I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • Unique fabric combos - like leather and chiffon. 
  • That amazing pink iceberg. 
  • That amazing pink couch. 
  • Frenchies: two > one (hint).
  • Flowers in vintage brown glass vases.
  • Tassel necklaces. I have two. I need more. 
  • Natural wood kitchenware. Beautiful and timeless.