WEEKLY inspirations

So official BBQ season has kicked off in our house as of last Saturday, so we're in full "BBQ all day everyday" mode now. This weekend I plan on fixing up our backyard/porch area - putting up some cool string lights, setting up a picnic-y/bar area, getting some outdoor greenery and plants to get us in the full swing of things. I've also been toying with the idea of starting to make jewelry (mostly for myself, HA), since I recently made a gold shark tooth pendant and I loved the finished product (and getting crafty with jewels and gold, of course).  

What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • Trying my hand at making this German potato salad this weekend (since I don't like the regular mayo kind, but love potatoes).
  • The new bright orange red Mac Lady Danger lipstick I recently bought for an event. 
  • That hanging gold moon decoration which I'm determined to DIY. 
  • This soup that I'll be getting to make from Plated this week. 
  • Carefree messy/almost dread-y hair (my boyfriend hates it, I love it).
  • Produce Candles. I got one in my Must Have Box and absolutely LOVE the scent.
  • That pendant for my next handmade necklace.
  • Outdoor dining/lounging spaces. So many inspiring outdoor space images on Pinterest!
  • Bullyfest this Sunday!