WEEKLY inspirations

YAY Friday! Friday's are always exciting here, even if nothing exciting actually happens, everyone just SEEMS to be in such a good mood, especially now that summer is on it's way. I have a pretty relaxing but fun weekend planned - some city dining and drinking tonight with a few friends, craft day and Bombadil show tomorrow, and a leisurely Sunday at my parents with my dogs and some good food and drink. No complaints here. 

So, here's what I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • THAT TOAST (recipe here)
  • Colorful outdoor table decor.
  • An exciting side project I've been working on - The Huxley Collective - coming soon!
  • Braid + Sunnies + Stripes = YES.
  • The perfect modern and minimal kitchen.
  • Bright cactus + succulent jar DIYs I'll be working on this weekend.
  • Recent purchase: this adorable mini pumpkin pup pie for the pups to feast on next week!
  • Two of the five postcard designs I created for my shop - coming soon!