WEEKLY inspirations

Sorry for the late WEEKLY inspirations from Friday. My Frenchie, Olive, had a pretty rough time late last week with getting spayed (which included a trip to the emergency vet the next morning, and a very hefty bill) - but, I'm super happy to report she's doing awesome - like nothing ever happened! It's worth all the money in the world to have a healthy pup again (and family, of course), so I'm just happy she had a good weekend and is back on her two feet/four paws. Other than that, I had a nice weekend full of hanging out with the pups, celebrating a friend's birthday, and another friend's bridal shower. My allergies have been horrendous, so I'm really hoping this humidity ends soon, because I'm at the point where I can't really remember what it was like to breathe out of my nose. But here's to a much better week than last week!

Here's what I'm digging this/last week (in no particular order):

  • This amazingly colorful tray from Target (!) that would be a perfect gift (for me, naturally).
  • I'm dying over this dinnerware set from Anthropologie (of course). Couldn't be more me :)
  • This elephant wall planter.
  • Black and white everything.
  • Pink polka dot planters.
  • This delicious pot roast recipe.
  • These super cute pretzel cone print outs!
  • And last, but never least, Mr. Sebastien the Frenchie - a soon to be rescue addition to my family! I'm going through the final adoption steps this week - hopeful to pick him up sometime in the next two weeks!