WEEKLY inspirations

Blah - sorry for the 1.5 week break - had a lot on my plate and needed a little blog vacation. BUT, I'm back and ready for action. Since it's been TWO weeks since my last WEEKLY inspiration, I added a few extra to this one - especially because I've been really into wanting to make/eat more healthy grain bowls (see this tofu one I had this weekend) and delicious seafoods (ugh, why is seafood SO expensive?!). Anyway, here's to a great/productive/healthy week! 

Here's what I'm digging this (and last) week (in no particular order):

  • Easy summer hair.
  • These seared scallops look delicious.
  • This shirt - which I think is hilarious + awesome. 
  • "Buy less, choose well" - Vivienne Westwood.
  • All that greenery.
  • How to make this yummy kale, pesto, quinoa, and egg bowl. 
  • This model's incredibly beautiful freckles (and sweet haircut!)
  • My favorite SNORT foster, Kayla, who just had a successful ear surgery! Love love love that face!
  • DIY pretty floral crowns. 
  • This Phillip Lim 31-Hour Bag. Swoon.
  • Pretty celestial prints. 
  • How to recreate this epic cheese plate.
  • Simple stems in a vase.
  • Caesar salad crostini - so easy, so noms.