LITTLE things

I, like many, tend to buy myself everything I want during my holiday shopping for others - way way before anyone else gets a chance to even ask what's on my Christmas list. My boyfriend did a good job getting me a few things before I almost got them for myself - including this, and this, and this (we're not very good at surprises, are we?) But I was still happy to scoop up many-a-thing for myself this holiday season - especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday super sales. Even though I spent wayyyy too much on Christmas this year (believe it or not after this post, mainly on others, I swear!), I think this one might be the best Christmas so far, and it hasn't even happened yet!

Below are the awesome things I've bought for myself  - and EVERYTHING (and I truly mean everything) was on sale at the time of purchase. The only thing that was over $50 was the shoes (but come on, they're SHOES after all). Most of the items ended up being $30 or less - not too shabby at all, if you ask me!

P.S. If you think I buy myself good gifts (which I totally do), you should see what I buy everyone else ;)

P.P.S. Those last two items were mainly for my pup - she loves her nose butter (Frenchies are known for having dry noses), and she's all about anything furry!

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