Want list - Catbird edition! Catbird is one of my favorite websites to check out. They have the coolest new items, and I'm always inspired by their awesome jewelry and knick-knacks (see some of my other recent Catbird covets here). i just bought my mom these for Mother's Day this year (pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so this info should be safe here), which are perfectly simple but still really unique. And I just had to buy myself an Easter gift, so I (finally) broke down and bought myself this. I've wanted it for a long while, and figured if not now, when? (It didn't hurt that I had a 15% off discount code either...)

It was hard to choose just one thing to buy (first world problem, I know), but checking out the site gave me ideas on future purchases. I love anything that's ID-related (see below) - although not for my own ID. I think it's much cooler to have someone else's ID (loved ones, family members, etc.) on a piece of jewelry than your own - like the ID bracelet with the diamond between two names, or a few rings with another persons initial(s) and a heart. Eh, I can sometimes be a sentimental loser. DEAL WITH IT. But below are a few of my favorite jewels they have right now. 

1. Diamond ID Bracelet. 2. Alphabet Heart Rings. 3. Evil Eye Ring. 4. Silver Moon Charm.