MY bling

Jewelry is one of my favorite forms of expression - it says a lot about the person, and can really make-or-break a look. Since I have SO much jewelry, I thought I would start documenting some of my favorite combinations and looks - starting with my everyday pieces. I love to wear a lot of delicate stacking (mostly gold/rose gold) items, and some of my favorite places to get them are Catbird NYC and Etsy - but Anthrolopologie and Samantha Wills has some great stuff too. I've had most of these pieces a while, but luckily they all still seem to be in stock - check out the photos and links below to see what I'm wearing.

Right Arm: Watch / Skull Bracelet Right Hand: Evil Eye Ring / Knuckle Ring Left Arm: Snake Bracelet / Middle Bracelets / Gold Bangle (Vintage) Left Hand: Thumb Ring / Knuckle Rings / Index Ring