BED head

My search for the perfect bed head is never-ending, but below are some of the recent images that made me want to stop what I'm doing and play hairdresser for a bit. Of course, the ever-perfect Brigitte Bardot and Sienna Miller (two of the best coifed people on the planet) have mastered the look, but there are some serious contenders on my Pinterest board.

I so wish I had just slightly wavy, slightly thicker, slightly dryer hair. But alas, us limp, boring, straight-haired girls can dream, can't we?

I've found a few online tutorials that give some advice on how to achieve the look (here, here, and here), but some seem to be too much work (why spend 25 minutes trying to look like you spent none?!), and some seem to not work at all (I love dry shampoo - but that is not the cure-all). So I'll continue my trial-and-error experiments on getting the perfect bed head look, but until then, enjoy looking at the inspiring photos above.