As much as I love the idea of painting my nails a different color every few days, whether to match my outfit or my mood, it never actually happens. Like, ever. My reasoning:

  1. Because, well, ain't nobody got time for that.
  2. Because as much as I love seeing bright orange or green glittery shades, I don't live in an Urban Outfitters catalog and cannot possibly pull those colors off with such ease. 
  3. Because I really only ever wear one of two colors: dark red or neutral pink. 

As much as I love the idea of changing it up, I'm a tried-and-true two-color gal. Which brings me to my beauty buys today - I finally broke down and bought a gel manicure set. Honestly, I probably wouldn't paint my nails all that much if they weren't in such terrible shape (if I don't constantly have some sort of polish on, they will literally flake off layer-by-layer), but after getting a gel manicure and realizing it's an instant cure-all for my nails, but hating/refusing the idea of having to go to a nail place every other week to keep them that way, it was bound to happen. Luckily I also happened to have an alarmingly high amount of amazon points to use, so I put two and two together and broke down and bought the LED light dryer, two color polishes. and a bottom/top coat set. 

These were my picks based on trial and error (and also amazon ratings!):

UPDATE: ended up returning the Belmint dryer and exchanging it for this one - which works MUCH better with Shellac colors.

So here goes nothing! They should be arriving this week, so hopefully I'll be able to get the hang of it quickly and have bullet-proof nails from now and forever more.

P.S. Also considering getting this color, but I'll see how I do with the first two after they arrive.