WEEKLY inspirations

So this October has probably been the most busy I have ever been between work and life. Since I moved this weekend, I can at least check off that added stress from my list. Seriously, moving is THE WORST. So much time, preparation, and money. And oh god, the packing. But if nothing else, it allows you to purge (donate!) your unwanted items (more like items you totally forget you even owned), and simplify/reorganize a little bit. And that's worth it all. 

The best part about moving is having a blank canvas for decorating. I am so excited to see what I can do with my new converted warehouse/loft space. Having all those open walls for art is literally giving me heart palpitations. And that huge kitchen all to myself? SO MANY COOKING POSSIBILITIES. 

I also went on a quick camping/cabin-ing trip on Friday for our annual camping adventure (we use the term "camping" loosely, trust me). It was so fun, and the gorgeous fall weather was perfect to sit back and relax by the fire. I would have loved to stay the whole weekend, but alas, moving took place Sunday, and there was no way I would be able to function doing camping and moving in one day.

So all-in-all, October has been an adventure to say the least, but I'm definitely looking forward to a much calmer November (I hope!)

So here's what I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • This whipped ricotta recipe.
  • Cacti decor.
  • Ultimate comfy bedroom design inspiration. 
  • Fall layers with fun texture/fabric combos.
  • That hair color though.
  • Cozy knits - especially in burgundy and marled gray.
  • Modern, open, colorful spaces.
  • Leather skirts.
  • Cute and tiny earring sets.
  • This dinner rolls in a jar recipe (weird, but they sound delish).
  • Adorable school-girl pigtail buns.