WEEKLY inspirations

THANKSGIVING IS HERE! Probably tied for my favorite holiday (other favorite being Halloween, naturally), Thanksgiving is a true American holiday, in the best, most gluttonous way possible. One of the few times a year I get to eat stuffing (I have no idea why we don't eat stuffing more, besides the fact that it's literally just carbs and fat on a plate) - plus, there's nothing more fun than hanging out with family (and friends!) and just eating a crap ton of food ON PURPOSE. I'm also pretty excited to have a four day weekend, and hopefully do some Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shopping for all my holiday gifts (I dare not actually leave the house on Black Friday - I'm not that brave). Here's to a fantastic short week, perfect November weather, and most importantly, STUFFING.


What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • EATING ALL THE SOUPS. Especially noodle soups lately.
  • The amazing smelling spiced cider candle I picked up is perfect for this time of year. 
  • Dark blonde hair for wintertime.
  • All leather outfits - a la Gigi Hadid.
  • Very cool skull planters (love them with those cacti).
  • These very pretty "starburst" style rings. 
  • This cool touchscreen cleaner - perfect gift holiday gift for a tech geek. 
  • Mixing textures for winter layers, like sleek leather and chunky cable knits.
  • This adorable little gold moon phase dish. 
  • Looking forward to walking in the beautiful park near my parent's house with my dogs post-Thankgiving feast (and pre-second Thanksgiving feast later that night, of course)