WEEKLY inspirations

Ugh, again, sorry I'm totally slacking these past weeks on my weekly inspirations. Last week was a busy snowstorm central, and this week has been a total weather flip and has been gorgeous (even with rain!) and 50-60 degrees everyday. The weather change has made me SO incredibly happy - but the time change has not been so kind. I feel like I'm starting to show my age with how difficult it is for me to adapt to a simple hour time difference. Either way, this week has been awesome so far - some cool new projects at work I'm excited about, happy hours that I don't have to wear four layers to, my first yoga class in 4 months (yikes, but it felt SO good to be back in a classroom!), new windows at my boyfriend's house (seems trivial, but they are SUCH an improvement), and a new great Spotify playlist to listen to on my sunny drive home. So overall, I'm LOVING everything spring has to offer right now (except the MASSIVE freaking potholes that resulted in a flat tire yesterday :/)

So, here's what I'm digging this (last) week, in no particular order:

  • Springtime salad and noodle recipes.
  • Messy bohemian hair and head scarves.
  • Gold antlers - totally DIY-able.
  • Geometric jewelry.
  • Multicolor metallic nails.
  • Restorative yoga. SO amazing. 
  • This crazy awesome DIY dog house (and Frenchie!)