WEEKLY inspirations

So, again, a little late on this (last) week's inspirations, but better late than never. I have been literally CRAVING spring - more so this year than any past year (even more than last year's season of snowpocalypse) - so I have been covering my walls, desk, and Pinterest boards with bright flowers and fresh recipes. I recently purchased this dress, and cannot wait until it gets above 30 degrees so I can pair it with my tan booties and leather jacket. Even better, when it gets above 70 degrees and I can pair it with Birkenstocks and NO jacket.

It's so close I can almost taste it. And it tastes like asparagus. 

What's I'm currently digging (in no particular order):

  • Essential oils - I've been reading a lot about how they can effect your mood, and I'm loving experimenting with different combinations.
  • Leather + Maxi = Love.
  • Simple gold rings.
  • Whatever succulent that is. 
  • Super chic long skirts.
  • Fields of wildflowers.
  • Spring recipes with asparagus everything.
  • Black and white decor.
  • Pitchers of wildflowers.