WEEKLY inspirations

Ugh - sorry for the long delay between posts. Can't keep up with everything lately! It's my birthday this week (tomorrow), so I've been pretty much living the good life having birthday dinners with various family members/friends all week (including tonight, tomorrow, and my party on Saturday too). Work has also been super busy lately - but in a good way! Lots of awesome projects coming up that I can't wait to dig my teeth into. But here's somethings I've been pinning/loving lately!

Here's what I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • Old school Olsen Twin hair (those braided pigtails are so cute).
  • That perfect cabin/cottage.
  • This cool Caprese salad plating idea. 
  • DIY ladder plant holder.
  • Those Chloe booties I got myself for my birthday (on super, super sale!)
  • An awesome DIY palette/slat garden wall. 
  • This super easy cheese "cracker" recipe.
  • Blonde shades.
  • This cute scalloped-edge bikini.
  • This roasted parmesan green bean recipe.
  • This Bumble and Bumble invisible hair oil is a godsend. 
  • Silver| purple | blue hair.
  • The perfect birthday treat - Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake Truffles