WEEKLY inspirations


Seriously, this month is FLYING by. The weather has been PERFECT, and I am thoroughly enjoying everything early fall has to offer. This week has been super busy - but in the best way possible. I got an AWESOME new freelance design gig that I'm beyond excited to work on, went to an LCD Soundsystem dance party, tried a new local restaurant in Philly that I've been dying to get into, and had an overall great week at work doing all sorts of cool things. Tonight calls for a relaxed dinner, and tomorrow a trip to the shore to visit my grandparents. I would definitely say this week is a win. 

Here's to a great weekend and an even better week to follow! Cheers!

What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • All black outfit ideas - this was made for me.
  • This Thomas Keller Potato Rosti recipe. Get in my belly. 
  • My matzo ball soup game is ON POINT these days (thanks to Martha!)
  • This simple tunic in hunter green is perfect.
  • Leather leggings + sweaters. 
  • Thick black eyeliner. Duh. Have we met?
  • My inspiration for simple, funny, and very effective branding. 
  • Layers on layers on layers. Plus those sunglasses rock.
  • These easy 3-minute hair tricks. Though three minutes for some is like, 15 minutes for me. 
  • My fall lumberjack style is officially back in business with my new wood watch and all plaid everything. 
  • My favorite English Bully Kayla is available for adoption now! So jealous of anyone that gets to have her! Seriously. So. Jealous.
  • This perfect perfect perfect coat.