WEEKLY inspirations

Keeping it short and sweet today with a quick list of what I'm living and loving this week. Have a great weekend!

What I'm digging this week (in no particular order):

  • More wedding hair! Getting so excited for my good friends' wedding next weekend!
  • This real life Banksy art project. 
  • My favorite pair of glasses now comes in a bunch of new colors - including Snappy (top image) - which I just scooped up this week! (my other pair is the below image - in Chai)
  • Those adorable Frenchies in a blanket!
  • This mixed berry smoothy recipe.
  • Adorable day-of-the-week pencils. Especially the pink weekend one.
  • Leather + layers + long hair.
  • Beautiful and bold gold temp tattoo.
  • Cucumber water is my new jam. Also this graphic is adorable.