TATTOO stuffs

I finally got around to getting my new tattoo (quite a few months later than expected, but as always, life gets in the way), and it's almost fully healed enough that I can take some photos and it doesn't look like a giant disgusting scab still. And trust me, it was a giant disgusting scab for a while. I'll definitely need to get it touched up soon, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome! My bestie Em is getting the same one on her forearm soon (but in color, which will look great), so I'm really excited to see them together once she takes the plunge. Here's a few shots of the design in action:

I've also been in the midst of designing some bigger and more intricate pieces for my upper arm and assorted blank spaces on my lower forearm  (which will eventually - hopefully - become a sleeve at some point), which has been an ongoing effort. I think the hardest part of getting a tattoo isn't actually getting it, it's designing it - especially when you're a graphic designer who redesigns everything 30 times over. There's also so many beautiful pieces out that that inspire me, it's hard to try and come up with a cohesive design that incorporates a little bit of everything you want. Here's some recent Pinterest pieces I've been coveting big-time:

P.S. If you have any ideas or pieces you think I'd like - I'd love to see them! I'm always making inspiration boards full of great graphics and designs that I draw inspiration from all the time.