FRINGE benefits

I've never really thought that much about fringe before, except for the occasional mention of a roaring 20's party. I always considered it a dated look - up until I all-of-a-sudden became obsessed with all things fringe-y this past month. Maybe because I've been seeing it everywhere, or maybe because black leather with fringe is my new favorite thing, but either way, it's having an moment and I'm OK with that. These are my top picks - from heavily fringed to just a touch - clearly it's not a dated look anymore.


{ the GOODS }

  1. Molly Medium Clutch ($89 - plus an additional 40% off!) - I actually just purchased a very similar cross-body version of this from Barneys Warehouse (currently sold out - sorry!), and I am LOVING it. This clutch is a very cute alternative as well. 
  2. Ohio Boot ($80) - A nice alternative to a plain suede bootie, the fringe gives it a little "kick".
  3. MixIt Lightening USB Tassel ($35) - Form AND function, what a great idea! This is the perfect accessory (and gift, hint!) for any style-savvy person on-the-go. 
  4. Vegan Leather Fringe Jacket ($138) - The price is certainly right for a trendy piece, and I love that the fringe goes all the way around. 
  5. Cheora Black Fringe Necklace ($44) - I am obsessed with this gorgeous necklace - especially the way she pairs it in the photo with a simple white tee. Stunning. 
  6. Fringe Long Vest ($158 - plus an additional 40% off!) - I love the idea of this vest being a combo top/dress - such a statement piece.