It's no secret that rings are my favorite piece of jewelry. I especially love teeny tiny rings that you can stack a million of (and trust me, I have a million at this point). Since tiny rings are definitely having their moment, I decided to put a collective together of all my most recent favorite rings and ring-stacking inspiration in one post - this one! Of course there's a never ending list of ones I love, but for right now, these are the ones I'm digging the most. See below for my inspiration photos, followed by my top 6 picks of the moment. Shop away!


{ the GOODS }

  1. Eduardian Eye Ring ($120+) - I love anything that's evil eye-related or edwardian, and this ring is the perfect combination of both. I actually like the silver version even more than the gold - which is very rare for me.
  2. Tiny Black Spinel Ring ($60) - Such a teeny tiny cute stacking ring. Love the little black stone - a perfect addition to my plain gold stacks. 
  3. Gold Filled White Opal Ring ($36) - Opals are one of my favorite stones because they are so diverse and unique. I especially love the iridescence of the white ones. This ring is simple yet really eye-catching. 
  4. Rays of Light Ring ($395) - I posted this on a WEEKLY inspirations before (here), but I just can't get enough of this ring. Such a beautifully unique design. 
  5. Teensy Skull Ring ($125) - The cutest, most tiniest skull ring to grace a finger. Adorable. 
  6. Gold Sapphire Ring ($115) - Another teeny tiny ring, this diamond-shaped Sapphire is so pretty and little, I just love it. I also really like the dark green teardrop version.