SPRING style

I recently posted about spring grunge, and how I'm pretty excited for ripped boyfriend jeans, birks, and tees to come back with the warm weather. But, I'm just as excited for maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and slightly-less casual attire as well. So much color and style has been popping up all over, I can't help but feel the love.

What I'm loving:

  • Oversized blazers.
  • Tan booties worn all year.
  • Brights spring colors + fresh chopped hair.
  • Sleek jumpsuits.
  • Light layers + long necklaces.
  • Maxi skirts with cropped sweaters.

This past week, my rose gold Michael Kors watch bit the dust, and I'm desperate to get another gold one to replace it, because being a watch-wearer means I look down at a now-empty left wrist about 300 times a day. Here's the other things on my list for the spring/summer transition (and whoa, 3/4 of them aren't black!). 

What I'm coveting:

  • A colorful bag.
  • Trapeze shirt/dress.
  • Leather band gold watch.
  • Long, flowy maxi dress in grayish green. 

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