I've been lusting after a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses for a while now. Like, a long long LONG while. Yet I can never get myself to pull the trigger on purchasing the $300 pair (I mean, come on, that's TWO pairs of Ray Bans, or like, 15 pairs of cheap-os!), no matter how many times I put them in my cart over and over again. Even though I'm pretty dead-set on getting something once it's in my mind, I just CAN'T click the final purchase button. Well, now there's no need. Urban Outfitters put out their Emma sunglasses, and holy crap, they are IDENTICAL.

I'm not one to usually get a look-a-like item, but these are literally EXACTLY the same looking. Of course, when you find something you really like, you always buy two (and at $18/piece, I think that's pretty reasonable!) So I got them in Brown (super flattering tortoiseshell coloring - just like the top color of the Karen Walker version below) and in Multi (ombre peach/pink with lighter contrast bottom, just like the bottom of the Karen Walker version below).

P.S. I am debating getting the white ones too now. SO many options!

P.P.S. These are actually the exactly style they modeled the Emma's after - just a hair thinner on the bridge section than the Super Duper Thistles.