In the past year I have transformed my closet from almost all heels (of literally every variety), to mostly booties and sneakers. As much as I love heels - and I do love heels - they seem to be more and more impractical for my everyday use. When I'm home, I'm almost always in birks or my sneakers, and when I'm at work, I'm wearing booties 99% of the time (see my faves here). You'll still rarely catch me on a night out in anything without some sort of heel, but for everyday wear, sneakers are my go-to. Here's a list of my favorite kicks, and why they rock.

Bobby Suede Wedge Sneakers - so before you gawk at the price (they are Isabel Marant, after all), let me tell you that I got mine, brand new tags and all, on Ebay for $200. Yup, $200 is still crazy to spend on sneakers - BUT - they are fabulous. They are well-made, have the perfect amount of slight heel, and are super comfy. Truly fashion-friendly sneakers. Check Ebay, people! I buy a lot of high-end, never or slightly-used items from there, and it's great when you can get them over 50% cheaper!

Air Pegasus 83 - ok, back to real-life affordable sneakers - aka Nikes. These are the newest addition to my collection, and I LOVE them. Comfy, minimal, perfect gray color - all around great. Oh, and I got them on sale for $50 bucks - can't beat that! (P.S. these are cool too!)

Chuck Taylors - everyone should have a pair of Converse in their closet. They are forever classics - and for good reason. I've had my same pair of gray low-tops for 6 years. SIX. YEARS. And I wear them fairly frequently too. Comfy, easy-on/easy-off, and they come in a million colors - buy yourself a pair now if you don't already have three. 

Leopard Slides - these Steve Madden's are great for when you want a little style, but still want to be comfortable. They have a rubber sole, just like a sneaker, so you can still run around town in them. They are super easy to throw on, and I like to keep mine on hand for when I decide to last-minute change from heels to flats (since I don't really like actual flats). (P.S. totally want these to come back into stock so I can scoop them up!)