LASH love

If you have ever seen any pics of me, or better yet know me in real life, you know I always (always!) wear eyeliner. Not necessarily because I always want to (even though I have it down to about 30 seconds an eye these days), but more because I always felt I had to, since I have very light features. I'm not saying I'm going to die without eyeliner, I just look kind of tired and washed out without that bit of contrast. I have heard about lash extensions a lot this past year, but never thought that they would make that much of a difference on me, since I always wore eyeliner anyway. But when Lashbee reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying a full set, I couldn't resist and immediately scheduled an appointment for the following weekend. 

And let me tell you, I was a bit skeptical at first (things near my eye scare the crap out of me), but when I went to their launch party the Thursday before my appointment and saw how amazing they looked on some of the attendees, I was convinced I would become a fan.

I was right. I am obsessed.

I opted to get the Queen Bee, since I like a little drama, which is one up from their signature Lash Bee (the difference between my Queen Bee and Lash Bee is that I had faux mink lashes applied with a little extra thickness). From start to finish, the entire experience was really pleasant. It's not scary at all (seriously, I thought it would be a little scary since it involves eyes, but I swear, it's actually really relaxing). It does take a little while - depending on how many eyelashes you have (fun fact: I have 143 on each eye) - but it's actually really nice to just lay there and not have to worry about doing anything (not something I'm usually very good at). It doesn't hurt that the space is super cute too - with bright pillows, great lighting, and relaxing music. 

The results were amazing. Not only did my lashes look full-on glamorous, I looked wide-awake and bright eyed - without the use of any eye makeup (below left image). Even with the use of my normal eye makeup (below right image), my eyes were so much wider and dramatic - and the only thing I used was eyeliner on the top and a bit smudged under the bottom lashes. Seriously, I'm never using mascara again. 

The best part is they last a while (they will fall out with your regular lashes), and you never have to go and get the whole thing done again - you just have to go once every 3-4 weeks for a quick touch up to keep them nice and fluffy. 

So all in all, I have to say I was super impressed - from the results (as you can see), to the full experience. Erin and Anjali (the owners) were super sweet and very professional - giving me play-by-plays of exactly what the experience would be like - and Erin did a fantastic job on my lashes. They certainly made a believer out of me!

P.S. thinking about trying them? You can book here (consultation is always free!), and if you mention you were referred by me, you'll get $10 off your set!


In the past year I have transformed my closet from almost all heels (of literally every variety), to mostly booties and sneakers. As much as I love heels - and I do love heels - they seem to be more and more impractical for my everyday use. When I'm home, I'm almost always in birks or my sneakers, and when I'm at work, I'm wearing booties 99% of the time (see my faves here). You'll still rarely catch me on a night out in anything without some sort of heel, but for everyday wear, sneakers are my go-to. Here's a list of my favorite kicks, and why they rock.

Bobby Suede Wedge Sneakers - so before you gawk at the price (they are Isabel Marant, after all), let me tell you that I got mine, brand new tags and all, on Ebay for $200. Yup, $200 is still crazy to spend on sneakers - BUT - they are fabulous. They are well-made, have the perfect amount of slight heel, and are super comfy. Truly fashion-friendly sneakers. Check Ebay, people! I buy a lot of high-end, never or slightly-used items from there, and it's great when you can get them over 50% cheaper!

Air Pegasus 83 - ok, back to real-life affordable sneakers - aka Nikes. These are the newest addition to my collection, and I LOVE them. Comfy, minimal, perfect gray color - all around great. Oh, and I got them on sale for $50 bucks - can't beat that! (P.S. these are cool too!)

Chuck Taylors - everyone should have a pair of Converse in their closet. They are forever classics - and for good reason. I've had my same pair of gray low-tops for 6 years. SIX. YEARS. And I wear them fairly frequently too. Comfy, easy-on/easy-off, and they come in a million colors - buy yourself a pair now if you don't already have three. 

Leopard Slides - these Steve Madden's are great for when you want a little style, but still want to be comfortable. They have a rubber sole, just like a sneaker, so you can still run around town in them. They are super easy to throw on, and I like to keep mine on hand for when I decide to last-minute change from heels to flats (since I don't really like actual flats). (P.S. totally want these to come back into stock so I can scoop them up!)

SKIN deep

I'm a pretty big advocate of skin care. After all, you're going to have your skin for life, so you should be pretty nice to it. I'm lucky to have fairly nice skin - albeit pale as could be - but none-the-less nice. As a creature of habit, I've been using the same Clean and Clear face wash and lotion since I was 12. But now that I'm (supposedly) maturing with age, I've upgraded my routine to include a some new higher-end items (you can see a few new favorites here), but there's two items that I absolutely love, and are drugstore cheapies.

Palmer's Cocoa Firming Butter is the BEST body lotion I've come across. It smells delicious, soaks into your skin super quickly, and is the most moisturizing lotion ever. And for $8 a bottle (I do buy them in packs on three on Amazon, since I go through a bottle a month), it's the cheapest way to keep your skin super soft and pretty. 

Candy Cane Chapstick is the most refreshing and cheap lip balm out there. It has the perfect amount of minty tingle, and you can (and I definitely do) buy it in three and six packs. I keep one in my bag, on my nightstand, in my office, in my car...literally there's one anywhere I can stash it. I also use it on my knuckles, since it's really moisturizing and my knuckles tend to crack and bleed during these harsh winter months. And for about $3 a stick, it's a penny-pinching cure-all with a delicious candy cane smell. 

GOLD studs

I've recently become enamored with rows of tiny gold earrings, similar to my love of gold bracelet and ring stacks. I've spotted them quite a bit on Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion sites lately, and I can't help but want to stock up on teeny tiny mismatched gold studs too! 

I've always loved simple gold jewelry, so below is an assortment of different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Can't say I wouldn't love to get a pair of tiny gold initials to go with my new Catbird Moon and Star necklace my awesome boyfriend surprised me with :)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


As a follow up to my boot post here, leather jackets are another item that is pretty much absolutely necessary fall through early spring. As much as I admire other jackets I see on the interwebs, in magazines, or on blogs, I never take my leather one off. And by leather "one", I mean two. I have an incredible navy leather moto jacket that I got from Gap (! - I'm just as shocked as you) last fall, and a cropped black leather moto jacket from H&M circa 2010. Neither of them were bank breakers (the Gap one was $300, the H&M one was $125), and they are both my favorite jackets ever. 


I searched the interwebs high and low (false, I just went to Pinterest), and found my top five leather jackets for the season - priced high to low. A girl can dream about the Isabel Marant one, but don't fret, there's always a similar style for less somewhere, especially if you don't have an extra $1,200 laying around to spend on a jacket this season (join the club).

1. Isabel Marant Kady Jacket2. AllSaints Oxblood Jacket. 3. Muubaa Cropped Brixia Jacket4. UKmerchant Handmade Leather Jacket5. Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket

STACK 'em (II)

In addition to the first post I did on ring stacks  a week or so ago, here's a follow up focusing on bangle/bracelet stacks - my second favorite thing to stack. I've been seriously coveting this one from one of my favorite designers, Samantha Wills (and my favorite shop, Third Street Habit, for obvious reasons), which fits perfectly on the top of my forearm. It was love at first forearm fit, honestly. I love the dainty hamsa bracelet here, and the slim rose gold stacker here. I also love to pile on a bunch of wood bead bracelets, similar to these. Below are a few of my favorite Pinterest images - so many possibilities! 

SHOE lust

The interwebs is a dangerous place for shoes. Lately I've been drooling over Anine Bing's new clothing and shoe collection (specifically this pair, and this pair), and have seriously been in shoe heat lately. Maybe it's because I much prefer fall booties to summer sandals, and the fact that warmer clothing is slowly creeping its way into the stores for the fall season doesn't make it any easier (notably awesome fall collection rolling in at Third Street Habit - I mean, look at this perfect tunic). I came across a few styles on Pinterest that I've been digging lately - for summer and fall - and I would LOVE to get my hands on those fantastic heeled oxford cutouts (#1), and embellished booties (#2). Any trends you've come across that you can't wait to add to your own collection?

SUMMER wants

I've been digging tie dye-inspired prints and ombre colors for summer a lot lately. Pretty much any sort of bright color combination has been catching my eye all over town. Below is essentially my summer wishlist for fun colored clothing (and one neutral but awesome jumpsuit). Ah, if only I had a couple grand in my summer wardrobe budget.