So the first of my friends are getting married in two weeks, and I'm a bridesmaid (!) in the upcoming wedding. I'm excited to be part of their big day, and can't wait to see how the entire event unfolds. Since my dress is sea foam green, it reminds me of the ocean/mermaids - so I was thinking of doing a messy braid for my hair - having some pieces out, but most tucked into so sort of up-do braided thing. Or maybe messy waves with little braids and a hair band? So many options! Luckily I have someone doing my hair for the event (because I'm not exactly talented in the up-do/braid/general hair area), but would love some input on what you would pair with this dress. 

Here are some of my hair inspirations for the wedding:

{ click on image to show full-size photo }

P.S. tomorrow - WEDDING nail inspirations - stay tuned!