Following my post yesterday about wedding hair, I've collected quite a few images for fun/pretty nail designs as well. Truth be told, I have very short, very narrow, and very brittle nails, so my nails don't even come past (or close) to my finger tips. I was considering getting some very short temporary nails, since they would look nice and would stay pretty for a bit, but I'm always weary of getting them done. I've only had them done once before - and it was not pretty. I couldn't get used to my nails being long (and they were still very short by most people's standards), so I ended up filing them down and repainting them. After all that, I did end up liking the fact that my nails were smooth and a tad bit longer than normal.

As far as nail color goes, I really like how the nude ombre ones look (images 5 and 7 in the below clickable grid photos), as well as the super shiny nude pink one (image 8 in the below clickable grid photos). Something to ponder in the next week. Normally I would go with something dark, like the second image with the gold starburst details, but since my dress is sea foam, it makes sense to keep it light. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions - with nail color or experience! I am definitely not a nail expert by any means, and usually stick with doing my own, but it's nice to get something special done once in a while! 

{ click image for full-size photo }