BEAUTY buys: EYE gel

I've been on a BEAUTY buys roll these past few weeks, and I have another awesome skincare product that I recently tried and loved - so I thought I'd share the wealth. This eye gel is a bit different than the eye cream I reviewed a few weeks ago, but is definitely equally great. OZ Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel is another product aimed towards decreasing your dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around your eye area, but what makes this really stand out is that it's a gel, not a cream - which I love. I have an obsession with anything that is cooling, so gel is always my preferred skincare base. 

Since I use my other eye cream in the morning, I decided to use this one at night (although a lot of the reviews online say that it's great under makeup too - so you could do either or), and I have to say after a month of use, my eyes are SO much brighter looking. My dark circles have retreated almost entirely since I started using this product (even with the occasional late night out), and the price is on-point (less than $20!). It's also become one of my favorite nighttime rituals - since it's so refreshing and perfect to put on right before bed.