BEAUTY buys: Detoxifying Clay Mask

I'm not a huge mask fan for the most part (mainly because I have an issue getting it EVERYWHERE), but since this was a Valentia product, a company I'm a big fan of (especially because they are cruelty free, vegan, 98% natural, and made in the USA) - I had to at least give it a whirl. So here we go!

Their Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask ($25) smells unbelievably nice and has a SUPER thick consistency, which makes it very easy to put on and requires little product per use (seriously, this tub will last me a year doing this mask weekly). It takes about 20 minutes to fully "dry", but it feels really cool and tingly while it's on, which wasn't at all what I was expecting. After washing it off, my face felt amazing. My skin was glowy and firm (but not too tight), and overall just felt super clean and refreshed. I was honestly really surprised at how much I liked this mask compared to others I've tried. 

The photos above was taken the day after I used the mask. My skin was definitely more "glowy" than usual - even with using my normal Bare Essentials powder on top. I still used my daily face moisturizer, but probably could have skipped it completely. Definitely will be using this a few times a month.